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About Kasey Bledsoe

Kasey Bledsoe has worked alongside other medical professionals for over a decade. On a typical day as a traveling nurse, Kasey may be found catering to her patients’ needs throughout the hospital, advising patients about procedures, or coordinating with health experts. As a registered nurse in interventional radiology, Kasey supports vascular and cardiac surgeons while keeping track of the patient’s vital signs during procedures. Kasey also acts as a go-between for patients and healthcare professionals. She gives pre- and post-operative information to patients and answers inquiries. Kasey considers her interactions with people one of her favorite elements of nursing. Kasey also gives back to her community via volunteering. Kasey Bledsoe volunteers at health fairs to promote wellness programs, disseminate health education materials, provide examinations and immunizations, raise public awareness of health issues, and promote local resources, in addition to collecting money for organizations near and dear to her heart.